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Friday, November 29, 2013
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As the owner of a small business, Mockingbird Bay Resort, I totally appreciate the folks who choose to spend their hard-earned money here with us.  So on this beautiful day after Thanksgiving, let me just say a big heartfelt THANK YOU to our awesome guests and friends of the resort.  Without you and your continued support, we obviously would not be here.  I guess I'm trying to remind people during this holiday season to look for a small business and spend your money there instead of somewhere else.  The power of Local...and Community...and unique independent cottage industries is really cool -- so instead of shopping at a giant big-box retailer or franchise chain store, think small.  Oh. And as much as I do appreciate American Express for all they've done to promote Small Business Saturday and bring awareness to this issue...if you'd really like to help out the little guy and small Mom and Pop shops, then don't pay with a credit card at all.  Pay with cash.  That'd really help.  Thanks!  ...Happy Holidays everybody!  (Here's a little video about Small Business Saturday.) 

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